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John Denver - The Gift You Are - 1991

Inheritance Tax. Anything below this amount is tax free. Print entire guide.

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Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not useful Is there anything wrong with this page? Thank you for your feedback. What were you doing? But it's actually the opposite: if a person is willing to offer you honest feedback, that means they really like or even love you! Think about it: why would anyone waste their valuable time offering you what might sound like harsh feedback if they dislike you? If I care for you, on the other hand, I am much more likely to want to try and help you--even if it's just letting you know that you have spinach stuck in your teeth.

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The opposite of love isn't hate - it's ambivalence. That's why Warren Buffet encourages us to think about feedback as a gift that you welcome with open arms any time someone is willing to offer it. The more you open yourself up to collecting feedback, the more valuable data you can collect as well.

If you hear three people compliment you on the shirt you're wearing, for instance, then you know that's probably a good color for you.

15 Reasons You Should Give Someone A Gift This Week

Along those same lines, if you hear from several people that you say, "you know" or "umm" too much when you speak, then that becomes very valuable feedback you can act on. This is a life skill that can save lots of problems and accelerate you on your path. To be clear, feedback is one data-point and you need to listen to your own counsel - others aren't always right.

But if you instead present a defensive hard shell to people, where you resist hearing what that might have to say, they will eventually stop giving you feedback. Worse as a leader, you will have then modeled behavior where they won't be open to hearing feedback themselves.

That can be a real issue as a leader in an organization. Because, as we already mentioned, unlike in past generations, Christmas season now starts long before Thanksgiving Day. Once it begins, people tend to think more emotionally than economically.

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Sure, you can draw names on Thanksgiving Day, but decide now with your family what the game plan and spending limit will be. Plus, if they have less money than you or they think they do , but they still plan to buy as much this year as last, they may well think of you as Scrooge. Mention how, with the economy being uncertain, you know everyone has been thinking about ways to save money.

Let them know that being economical this year is the best gift everyone in the family can give each other. When people you know and love know your heart, they should be much more open to the change in tradition.

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Be sure to let them know this has nothing to do with how you feel about them. There is nothing more you need to do, or that you can do. Who in your family will be most receptive to the idea, and who will be the least?

Contact the most receptive members first. Then, when you discuss it with the less receptive members, mention the others who are already on board! They had agreed not to exchange Christmas gifts, but the woman who wrote me was much better off financially than her newlywed younger brother and his wife.

The young couple were about to move into their first home. It gave me joy to share with them. Do you recognize the problem with her reasoning? The good feeling she got from giving was her real motivation.