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El aaaaahhhh!! Retired professor of the University of the State of Mexico. Between and , editor of 80 editions of the first stage of the literary magazine tunAstral. In some far-off place. The many-petaled flower. We many petals. He felt strong. You saw her growing. It seems that when. There are afternoons. You write a poem.

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Patricia Ariza is a poet, playwright, director, stage designer and social and feminist activist. During her youth she took part in the Nadaismo movement.

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This was the first alternative theater in Colombia. Ariza distinguishes herself in the theatrical world for her special approach which focuses on promoting social interaction and reducing conflicts. Her book Hojas de papel volando , received a National poetry award in Colombia. Inside, some gestures remain which I go over in minute detail. On the second floor is the manner, intact, in which my father grasped a hammer. Closer, in the kitchen the grace with which my mother cut onions.

In the dining room and on the staircase the nighttime footsteps of my uncle who was crazy. And in the windowpane, even now, the eyes of a girl with the fear of leaving. A todos nos amamanta el tiempo. El abrigo de la muerte. Y el teatro desaparece versos verdaderos. Nadie escucha. Abanico abierto. Despuntando letras encima de mi sexo.

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Palabras quebrantan ventanas, libros y puertas penetradas por solemnes huidas. Gime el presente. Y agudiza. Plumas y taparrabos los hemos sacado para ser objetos, orgullos.

Diferencia entre primaveras y soles… que se esconden tras frases bien dichas. Born in Brooklyn, Tonia Leon has written poetry since she was a child. Her poetry, prose and in English as well as Spanish has been published here and abroad. Her poetry reflects her passions: ecology, trees, music, Mexico, and social justice to name just a few. She is currently working on a second chapbook and translations of poetry from Spanish to English. Tonia lives on Long Island. No existen en Nueva York. Recently, She traveled to Havana, Cuba, by invitation, where she presented her work in Casa de las Americas.

She is currently a guest curator for the Museum of American Poetics and assistant editor of Eco-Poetry.

Who could detain me with useless illusions when my soul begins to complete its work —Julia De Burgos. Her poetry was translated in Catalan and German and it is a subject of academic studies by universities of Italy, Chile, Argentina y Peru and the European Union. She has given conferences in Harvard, Columbia and around the globe. Is there no solace In this life? I see the sky Tormented By my departure. She studied statistics and sociology in the Universidad Autonoma of Santo Domingo.

Eres enojo liviano, llanto y congojas compartidos. Lluvia mustia, granizo rojo, te de bayahonda y cadillo. Mujeramigahermana, te admiro en tu quehacer, todo fluye, todo queda, no estas sola. Nos une un brindis vigoroso, en copas de cristal, rebosantes de miel, templadas en la fragua de la esperanza y al amparo de solidaridades anaranjadas de un atardecer.


Miguel Falquez-Certain Barranquilla, Colombia has been living in New York City for four decades, where he works as a multilingual translator and writer. The Book of Trees How to tell chestnut from sycamore or rowan from beech or fir? Walking with my head buried in the book of trees, I fail the test of cluster of five leaves, mottled edge, berries or long pod. The Scots have river, firth, burn, loch and sea. I learned to swim in the shallows of the Arabian Gulf, spent summers near the Indian Ocean.

Is it memory that we gain or remembering what we once knew whispered, before the fairy tale and childhood rhyme? A curly worm sheathed in a miniature coat of armor. The rattle of a metal gate being drawn. I never told anyone about the summer I dropped that pill bug into the gutter in front of our house. The clarity of the memory alternates between murky, sharp, impossible to see the truth, the depth too unfathomable.

Maureen H. Altman was born in Georgia, U. Altman is an autodidact in poetry. Encuentro , amor, vida, tiempo … is her first poetry book, published by Urpi Editors in Matices is her second poetry book, published in by La Ovejita Books. Both books were printed in New York.

As an artist, Altman recently participated in group exhibitions in Lima and Rio de Janeiro and is preparing a group exhibition sponsored by the Peruvian Embassy in New York, , as well as a solo exhibition in at The Annex, New York. Currently, she directs Educa. Arts, program designed to educate through art, poetry and creative writing. Your eyes like breeze, lay crossing the road from the path of truth calling the morning for its glance…. Eyes covering, eyes on hold, eyes shocking, eyes at the end sign telling more than can be seeing and your eyes, are not gone….

I look with closed eyes at the station, at the wild, at the Ferris wheel, at times, your time is due, maybe, and my eyes reopen…. Destiny, who can see you? My eyes stay on those landscapes and the road closes them so airily, your eyes are seeing our passage forever…. As a playwright, he wrote El refugio awarded in Paz, guerra y exilio He is director of the online magazine Youkali www.

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One hundred times on And one hundred times below the bridges…. Today or maybe it was yesterday and before yesterday as well I have been displaced Thrown out received released thrashed hung torn out…. Cien veces encima Y cien veces debajo de los puentes….