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PLM in 15 Minutes - A CIMdata PLM Leadership Tutorial

The management of master data and guaranteeing master data with a high quality are the prerequisites for ensuring that PLM functions well and everywhere. The important aspects are chiefly:. We conceive, select and introduce a system and we prepare your company with regard to the content. We set up, for example, a consistent designation catalogue, including the classification required, and organise coherent parts list management.

Instead, all parts lists have an identical structure. Change Management Change management with Aras streamlines change requests, assessments, and orders and ensures visibility across disciplines and in the extended supply chain, reducing errors and avoiding delays. Component Engineering Simplifies selection, approval, sourcing, and compliance for externally sourced electronic components. Documents Provides document management including version and change control for files in multiple formats in a secure, searchable repository.

Manufacturing Process Planning Provides an integrated approach to managing manufacturing data and processes in PLM, bridging the gap between engineering and manufacturing with a digital thread. Parts Ensure consistency of information by automatically managing relationships between part items and relevant CAD models, drawings. Projects Providing visibility into projects and programs, enabling enterprise organizations to plan and manage resources, mediate risk and maximize profitability. Requirements Engineering Enables the creation of a single, multi-discipline requirements hierarchy, critical for designing complex products which combine hardware and software.

Systems Engineering Provides management of the lifecycle of complex multi-disciplinary products from requirements, through development, manufacture and support. Technical Publications Enables cross-discipline authoring, visualization, sharing and publishing of topics-based, modular documentation within a secure, managed environment. This CIMdata eBook introduces some key AM concepts such as Design for Additive Manufacture DfAM to identify opportunities to improve both existing and new designs, new organizational considerations including using a Vee Model to map out the end-to-end AM workflow, provides example use-cases of AM, and highlights the often-overlooked area of security.

This whitepaper describes how for original equipment manufacturers OEMs in multiple industry segments, including automotive, product complexity is increasing well beyond their ability to support it with traditional configuration management approaches and technologies. Many solution providers are still developing appropriate offerings to effectively enable the ultimate Digital Twin use cases.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

CIMdata believes that Mevea with its end-to-end Digital Twin solution approach is already delivering tangible business value to its customers. The final report from a multi-sponsor collaborative research program on the use of cloud-based solutions to enable product lifecycle management PLM strategies and processes in industrial companies.

In this eBook, CIMdata describes what a model-based enterprise is, why it is an important trend, and how it creates business value. For most companies, product complexity is increasing well beyond their ability to support it with traditional configuration management approaches and technologies.

Unfortunately, most have taken this on as a data management problem, and to some extent it is, but it is so much more. The platform measurements are categorized into Strategic Imperatives and Foundational Characteristics. Measurement scores and how the Aras product is differentiated are included in the eBook. Organized into four components, the first level enables a company to start with a quick overview assessment to identify issues and potential directional priorities for their PLM program. With each successive tier, more extensive knowledge is obtained leading to a detailed execution roadmap.

Using the results of this methodology helps companies close their PLM value gap. The education of the next generation of workers for industrial companies is a critical element, and having them cognizant of the capabilities inherent in a PLM strategy is critical to ongoing success. Learn how a programmatic approach to marketing visualization can promote artistry and creativity, improve efficiency, and drive deeper customer engagement.

Tata Technologies has developed a four-component PLM Analytics maturity assessment program designed to provide insight and guidance to customers about the state of Product Lifecycle Management PLM within their enterprise.

The best from our practical experience: Best of German Engineering

This four-component approach enables a company to start with a quick, low-cost assessment that will identify issues and potential directional priorities for their PLM program. With each successive component, they obtain more extensive knowledge about their current situation, leading to a detailed execution roadmap to guide them. This eBook is the first deliverable from a multi-sponsor collaborative research program on the use of cloud-based solutions to PLM strategies and processes in industrial companies.

The eBook seeks to frame the debate around cloud-based applications using standard terminology, supporting the discussion with selected data from the survey results and quotes from interviews conducted. This includes the need for educators as well as engineering and manufacturing leaders to understand the impacts and value of PLM in driving new economies, markets, and technologies.

The value of the platform approach comes to full fruition when it enables systems engineering thinking and model-centric processes—thus, enabling Model-Based Systems Engineering. All of the functional requirements, design models, and simulation results and decisions are properly captured, managed, and made available for future use and reference. It is the foundation for sustainable and profitable growth in our fast-paced, ever shifting, and technologically complex, connected, and mobile world.

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CIMdata eBook discusses how an integrated information platform can improve results and reduce risks on large-scale projects. This program review addresses elements of the full range of Tebis software functionality, beginning with capturing and importing customer product and component data through to final assembly; and for die making beyond assembly through to tool tryout and correction.

Additionally, this review addresses Tebis Consulting, the Tebis AG department that provides manufacturing related consulting services. Design engineers face many challenges.

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  7. PLM synchronizes data, processes and partner companies.
  8. Often key to their use of a CAD design solution is their ability to manage an ever growing volume of data that derives from the increasing complexity of product models, large multi-configuration assemblies, and multiple product revisions. They must then share their product designs that may include disparate CAD data with an ever growing audience of product stakeholders ranging from external supply chain designers to the non-technology savvy business and support organizations within their companies.

    The need for innovative model-based design and analysis technologies that can connect performance analysis data, processes, and knowledge across functional domains is becoming critical as product complexity continues to grow even while product development cycles continue to be shortened by competitive and regulatory requirements. VCollab is one such innovative technology.

    Siemens PLM Software

    Report detailing multi-sponsored research to create an Enterprise Innovation Management EIM Solutions guide to help accelerate the development of the global EIM market for the benefit of both solution providers and industry. The goal was to address the existing concerns—as well as preempt the emerging concerns—of industrial companies about implementing EIM.

    Through this effort CIMdata expects that industrial companies will become more familiar with enterprise innovation enabling technologies and will feel more prepared to invest in the next generation of solutions that are designed to increase their ability to innovate more effectively and sustainably. By downloading this report you agree that your information may be shared with sponsors of the research.

    Customers demand increasingly complex products that require new approaches, new value chains, and new enabling technologies. To meet this changing world, many companies apply product lifecycle management PLM strategies and enabling solutions. This paper focuses on how CONTACT is evolving their offerings and strategy to empower companies to compete in a global economy demanding increasingly complex products.

    This paper focuses on issues in product development and variant management, and how Product Line Engineering and IBM and their partners can help industrial companies develop and manage smart products across the product lifecycle. This white paper reviews the fundamental definitions of cloud computing, punctuates their salient differences, and highlights the characteristics of world-class cloud platforms while reviewing the capabilities of the company who was the originator of multi-tenant cloud PLM—Arena Solutions.

    The paper discusses the issues facing manufacturing organizations across all industries and the need to have scalable, flexible PLM environments for internal development and collaboration across the value chain.

    Automate key processes and tasks with Epicor PLM

    It further presents information about each of Arena's PLM solution components as well as three case studies highlighting how customers have used Arena's solutions to achieve important business benefits. This paper touches on the business case offered by VERICUT, providing its customers a means of asset protection for their machinery, equipment, and raw material—minimizing unnecessary and avoidable rework, improving profitability, increasing on-time delivery, and realizing greater overall customer satisfaction.

    It is well understood that maximizing brand value is a competitive necessity; unfortunately, many companies do not possess the end-to-end capabilities to do so in a consistent and repeatable manner—and in many cases their survival depends on it.


    PLM Software / Product Lifecycle Management Software

    This paper discusses why companies in the CPG and similar industries e. Unless a global company uses all its knowledge, it is losing out. The survey was targeted at expanding knowledge about where and how companies that design a wide variety of products have deployed MBSE to support and enhance their product development processes and to discover associated business value.

    This report provides both background information on MBSE as a strategy, its benefits, and application of technologies as well as some key results from the survey.