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It is one of the great literary works of which Japanese people should be proud. Look out together with the cats reflected in the red circular frame mirror. And when night falls, I hope you feel something special about the colors of the curtains and the bedcloth, and the cats reflected in the window.

Graduated from Rikkyo University Economics Department. After retiring from a publishing company, he studied under the artist Kei Hiraga. While selling round rice crackers and peanuts, he painted auspicious theater billboards featuring a lucky doll, beckoning cat and good luck character symbols, but then turned his attention to popular art.

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At present, he lives alone with two pet cats in a town alongside the Bungo-Suido ocean straits which separate Kyushu from Shikoku. Lucky Cat No. Artist's Message.

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Artist Hyogo Mino. Access My Booking Book Now. Put your heart into making an original, one-of-a-kind maneki-neko! Kunizakari Sake no Bun Tokai Plant. Why not travel economically by.

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Which one is your favorite? Actual exhibitions may not resemble the photo.

The exhibition will make you realize that maneki-neko are a part of Japanese culture. Last admission is 30 minutes before the closing time Reception for the painting experience ends at p.

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