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I also love the ability to switch between translations so quickly.

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I was never one that wrote directly in my Bible, but in journals. I see it all the time in church — people going back and forth between a bible app and text and Facebook. Not only does it distract the user, it distracts those around them — a bright screen in a muted sanctuary stands out. As many advantages as a digital Bible presents—and there are many—I think it is at least presently much more open to distraction than a hard copy. I think it depends on the person. I agree. Welcome to the 20th century.

Yeah, I know what year it is. Good for you! I wrote all kinds of things in those margins and underlined verses in different colors. I wrote even better notes and did an even better job of underlining and coloring. And when the bindings started to fail and the ink bled through the page, reading became difficult. If I switch Bible translations, my notes come with me. Paper bibles are difficult to navigate. Of course it was necessary to know the order of the books of the Old Testament, because when you opened up a page book looking for Obadiah, your chances are significantly improved if you have a rough idea where it is.

You both end up in the same place.

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It was just harder for the paper-bound reader to get there. I think my digital Bible is beautiful. I can select line leading space between lines and margins. I can select the text and background colors to be easier on my eyes. I have no bleed-through from text or notes on the back of a page. Call me in 25 years. Well, I cheat a little bit. But any of the serious Bible apps are good.

Let's Get Back to the Bible

I appreciate these good thoughts. I certainly would not claim to be the veteran expert on what format a Bible should be printed in.

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These were simply my thoughts after my experience, brief as it was. Frankly, anyone who finds a digital Bible more advantageous in growing their knowledge and relationship with the Lord, I completely encourage that. Of course, both have their strong points. No argument from me on that! I agree with everything you said!

I have an app for Bible tools, an app with different translations, and a KJV app. I use them to study and teach. I take my hard copy up to the podium along with my written notes and my phone. What I am finding is people in the church have become traditional and religious and have a difficult time embracing change. Thank you! I love that my notes and highlights are always with me, at the least in my iphone. I also have about 15 versions and when studying, I often consider all of them in seeking to understand the original meanings.

Through many decades I now have more notes than any printed version, and I know where they are, and how to find them. Very good logic. I do not own a tablet, iPad, or any other electronic equipment which i can carry with me to install a Bible app. I do have Bible study software on my computer—but that is for when I am digging deeper because it is a lot easier to access the necessary references via software than to open up a half dozen different references on my desk when preparing a lesson or sermon—and it takes up less workspace.

But whether one prefers their Bible in a digital format or a hard copy format is meaningless if one is not studying and applying Scripture to their lives, being renewed in their minds, and growing more Christlike in character. So true!!

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Nothing like the real thing. Nothing can replace holding the bible in your hands, and reading it.

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My bible is my life. The life and meaning that comes from the bible in book form is definitely more alive then in reading it in digital.

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  7. It will never match up. Prise the Lord for his word in book form. I feel the same way, Norma, though others who are commenting are making good points about the advantages of digital. We live in a society of distractions is up to the believer to remain focus. I fell like this an attempt to shift the blame from the individual.

    Is like the gun right people blaming guns instead of the Spiritual and person mental state, in the Christians life is the state of their spiritual life. So it works out great!. Which is why we are in the shape we are in. DO YOU read it, study it, obey it and guide your live by it. Most people who have hard copies or other means, have it sitting on the shelf form Sunday to Sunday.

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    Thanks for the good word. As an older Christian who has been reading the Bible for more than 70 years I am amazed and thankful for the wonders of digital. I think I could list more than 8 reasons why I prefer digital, but here are just some. I now easily carry my Bible everywhere I go 2. I carry it in at least five versions, which I can switch between at a click 3 I carry it with at least two commentaries and a Bible dictionary 4. I can mark the verses or themes in a multitude of colours 5. I can add notes at any verse at will 6. I can recall marked notes or verses 7. I can make the text size anything I like 8.

    I can read it with ease no matter the light conditions 9. I can share verses not just on occasions with someone on the train, but at a click with hundreds on Facebook around the world anytime a chose! My iPad is amazing, and in my old age I am thankful for this provision. Your point is very well-taken, Matthew. I am pretty persuaded about the benefits of being able to carry multiple translations and commentaries! For me, however, the paper and ink is more than sentimentality—it makes me more of an active participant in my reading and understanding of the Word.

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    Just me! Good points.. But let me tell you the main reason i use a bible app more than the actual bible. For one you can hold your phone in one hand, laying on your back, side etc and still be comfortable.