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Once in Awhile Songs of Life Love on the Rocks Play Me Red, Red Wine Starflight Captain Sunshine Holly Holy Sweet Caroline Sweet Caroline reprise Shilo I Am, I Said Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show A Mission of Love Hello Again Kentucky Woman The Boat That I Row Cherry, Cherry Fire on the Tracks Brooklyn on a Saturday Night Red, Red Wine Live Play Me Live Soolaimon Live Captain Sunshine Live Shilo Live Cracklin' Rosie Live Lordy Live Brooklyn Roads Live Rocket Man Dedicated to the One I Love O Holy Night White Christmas Kentucky Woman Live Primitive Story of My Life The American Popular Song Yesterday's Songs In My Lifetime Longfellow Serenade I Believe in Happy Endings Morning Has Broken We Wish You a Merry Christmas America Solitary Man September Morn O Come, O Come Emmanuel Rainy Day Song Live Guitar Heaven Live Songs of Life Live The Story of My Life Live There was this certain vocal inflection.

And the raucousness of the vocal. It was the intro.

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The anticipation. When you can love something as sappy as "Sweet Caroline". Then, "Sweet Caroline" was followed up by "Holly Holy".

Holly Holy Lyrics - Engelbert Humperdinck

A denouement in tempo and quality. A bombastic, over the top slow-burner that one could like, but not love.

Neil Diamond Talks About "Holly Holy" Then Plays It (Live 1971)

But listen today. Listen today.

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Taken out of context, removed from that revolutionary era, "Holly Holy" is a revelation. You can see the recording session. Everybody in one big room. The piano player. The bass player.

Holly Holy [Live]

The plethora of backup singers. And, in the middle, Neil himself. Oh, the tune starts with one of those guitar figures off a Glen Campbell record, laconic yet meaningful. And then they do come alive. They amp it up, they start to expend the energy in their souls. REAL strings, not the canned type. Way up in the upper register. No, not ten. That they can turn on if they want to. And finally, almost three minutes and fifty seconds into the song, a kettle drum erupts and everybody finally goes to 10, 11!

Now, back in the day, we had to stay tuned to the radio. Waiting to hear something again. Now, with the blessing of digital media, we can go straight back to the top, and play a song again. Go from slow to fast, from , all in under five minutes. AM had terrible sound. But, our car stereos were even worse. We never heard these songs the way we were supposed to, the way they were cut. Oh, we bought "Abbey Road" and component stereos.