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If man did not really fall into sin, there is no need for a Saviour. They are being bombarded with evolution through the media, the public school system, television, and newspapers, and yet they rarely react. But, inside the skyscraper, what are many Christians doing? Go destroy our foundations! Worse still, theistic evolutionists those who believe in both evolution and God are actively helping to undermine the basis of the Gospel.

Psalm If Christians wish to preserve the structure of Christianity, they must protect its foundation and therefore actively oppose evolution.

Why sin and death?

Evolution also destroys the teaching of the new heavens and the new earth. What are we told about the new heavens and the new earth? Acts says there will be a restoration restitution. That means things will be restored to at least what they were originally. There will be vegetarianism and no violence. In Genesis we find that man and animals were told to eat only plants Genesis —30 ; they were vegetarians. Only after the Flood was man told he could eat meat Genesis There were only vegetarians when God first created, and there was no violence before Adam sinned.

Some people object to the claim that the first creatures were vegetarian by saying that lions have sharp teeth which were created to eat meat. Is that necessarily so? Or is that just what you were taught in school? The same teeth that are now good for ripping up other animals would also be good for ripping up plants.

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Dogs and cats will survive quite well on a balanced diet of vegetables. Also, the Bible does not exclude the possibility of direct action by God at the time of the Fall and in the future restoration , having a direct biological effect on the creatures in relation to feeding habits.

There are many animals living today that have carnivorous-looking teeth, but only use these teeth for eating fruit or plants e. To believe in evolution is to deny a universal paradise before Adam, because evolution necessarily implies that before Adam there was struggle, cruelty and brutality, animals eating animals, and death. Is the world going to be restored to that? If you believe in evolution, you must deny a universal paradise before Adam because you believe that there was death and struggle millions of years before Adam , and also at the end of time because the Bible teaches the world will be restored to what it used to be.

Thus, evolution not only strikes at the heart and the foundation, but at the hope of Christianity as well. We all should be out there doing something about it. Many of us have been hoodwinked into thinking that evolution has to do with science and that you need to be a scientist to do anything to combat it.

But evolution is only a belief system, and you do not need to be a scientist to combat that.

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Also, Christians who do believe in evolution must accept that evolution is still going on. This is because the death and struggle we see in the world around us and the mutations mistakes in the genes that are occurring are used by evolutionists to try to prove that evolution is possible.

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They extrapolate into the past what they see today, and deduce that these processes over millions of years are the basis for evolution. Christians who accept evolution must agree, therefore, that evolution is occurring today in every area, including man. This is completely contrary to what evolutionists are telling us. Theistic evolutionists cannot say that God once used evolution and now does not. To say that evolution is not occurring today is to destroy evolutionary theory, as you have no basis for saying it ever happened in the past.

There are many Christians who, after being taught the true nature of science—that evolution is religion, abandon beliefs such as theistic evolution and progressive creation.

Is life a blessing and death a curse?

However, there are a number of ministers, theologians, and others who, because of their whole view of Scripture, will not accept what we are saying. They have a basic philosophical disagreement with us in regard to how to approach the Bible. Perhaps the best way to summarize this argument is to give you a practical example from an encounter I had with a Protestant church minister.

Personnel from the Creation Science Foundation in Brisbane, Australia, had traveled 1, kilometers to Victoria to conduct meetings in various centers. In one location, this minister opposed us publicly. The opposing minister obtained the stencil before the announcement sheet was printed and deleted the advertisement. He encouraged people to boycott our seminar program and made many discouraging public statements concerning our organization and teachings. He even told people that we were of the devil and they should not listen to us. I made an appointment with this minister to discuss the issue with him.

He explained that he believed Genesis was only symbolic, that there were a great many mistakes in the Bible and one could not take it as literally as I appeared to do. He agreed this was so, but again emphasized one could not take Genesis literally and that it was only symbolic. I asked him whether he believed that God created the heavens and the earth. I explained to him that he had just taken Genesis literally. He was asked whether Genesis was symbolic, and, if not, why did he take it literally.

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  7. I then asked whether Genesis was literal or symbolic. I pointed out the inconsistency of accepting Genesis as literal but saying the whole of Genesis was symbolic. He went on to say it was not important what Genesis said—only what it meant was important. I then asked him how he decided what was truth concerning the Scriptures. Where did you get this basis from, and how do you know that this is the right basis for deciding truth?

    He then told me that he did not have all day to talk about this topic, and it was best we now finish the discussion. The real difference between our positions could be summed up as follows: Where do you put your faith—in the words of men who are fallible creatures who do not know everything, who were not there—or the Words of God who is perfect, who knows everything, and who was there?

    Can blessing graves be useful again?

    Christians or those claiming to be Christian who take this liberal view of Scripture will more often than not see the results of this wrong philosophy in the next generation: their children. Because they cannot provide a solid foundation for their children, they frequently see the whole structure of Christianity collapsing in the next generation.

    For many of these people, it is sad but true that most of their children will reject Christianity completely. This dilemma in regard to liberal theology is very much related to the controversy concerning Genesis. If one rejects Genesis, or claims it is only symbolism or myth, this logically leads to a denial of the rest of Scripture. You see this reflected in people who try to explain away the miracles, such as the crossing of the Red Sea, the burning bush, or a fish swallowing a man to name but a few.

    But, these people do not stop there. They go on to explain away the miracles of Christ in the New Testament. Sometimes and increasingly so , even the virgin birth and the Resurrection are denied. Once one accepts Genesis as literal and understands it as foundational for the rest of Scripture, it is an easy step to accepting as truth the remainder of what the Bible says.

    I take the Bible literally unless it is obviously symbolic. Even where it is symbolic, the words and phrases used have a literal basis. Many people use the example in Scripture where it says that Jesus is the door to say that we cannot take that literally. However, understanding the customs of the times, we find that the shepherd used to sit in the gate and literally be the door. So, in this sense, Jesus is literally the door, just as the shepherd literally was the door. Too many people are quick to jump to conclusions concerning the literalness of Scripture without carefully considering the statement, the context, and the customs.

    When Scripture is meant to be taken symbolically or metaphorically, it is either obviously so from the context or we are told so. Of course, many liberal theologians claim that the creation ministry is divisive. In that claim they certainly are correct; the truth always divides. How many situations do you know where relationships have been broken because of the tension between living as a Christian and not living as one? Compromise is too often made with the Christian giving ground for the sake of peace and harmony. Jesus predicted strife, not peace at any price. From a practical perspective, I find that students do not want somebody telling them the Bible is full of mistakes or that they cannot believe it.