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Listen to and follow multiple directions. Understand short stories and sentences using verbs, adverbs, and prepositions. Identify simply analogies comparisons, and group associations. Find supplies needed to make things, to use things, and to repair things.

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Preschool - Counting with Numbers. Preschool - Adventures with Books. Preschool - Going On Eagerly. The other vital component is action.

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Think of the power of a seed. From such a tiny, seemingly insignificant thing, a towering tree can grow. It just takes the action of planting the seed and the belief that it will sprout.

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Plant seeds of greatness in your own life. The universe rewards people who take action and have faith. The universe also rewards people who make a difference.

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How can you help others? What can you do in your community? How can you impact the world?

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It can be scary to take control of your destiny, believing that you are solely in charge of your life. You can no longer hide behind excuses or blame anyone else.

go to link You need to be prepared to take responsibility for your failures as well as credit for your successes. You have to take action and have faith that your seeds will eventually bear fruit. Only when you do this, can you take control of your destiny. Greatness is already inside you!

The Question of Why

Take the first step towards changing your life for the better, for good. By Dr.

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