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As Robin and company navigate once more the enchanting and perilous Netherworlde, agents of the enemy are in quick pursuit, for both Robin and the Shard of Water.

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Chhun is an elite warfighter disillusioned with the dumpster fire the galaxy has become. When local insurgents attack his convoy, Chhun has no choice but to undertake a desperate fight for survival. With ammunition and supplies short, Chhun finds that the man at his side is still worth fighting for in this epic first-person combat narrative.

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Her quest for answers soon becomes a race to stop an ancient evil from establishing a new dominion on earth. Since that is their primary recommendation, that's how they're found on this list. All Land of the Damned races are found in the Monsters category or the Animal category that follows. I can find no declaration they're allowed as Player Characters in the text, and I'm leaving personal opinions and bias out of it. This is also why Werebeasts are found in the Monster section. Some of these are real world animals such as Birds, Cats, and Dogs, while others are more fantastical like Devil Diggers and Green Mold.

Some people may ultimately feel that some races included as Monsters should be Animals or some Animals should be Monsters. While the list may not be perfect, it should at least help point you in the right direction. Everything in this category will fall under that one specific title. It is full of intriguing ideas that kept me reading on, as I always enjoy exploring someone else's world.

It is clearly aimed at teenage readers and as such, has a nice mix of danger and imagination without being too deep and confusing its target audience.

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Good effort. The story starts with a young pickpocket called Jack and follows him on an exciting journey of self discovery. After picking the pocket of a wandering mage, Jack is shocked to find that he has a special talent. He is even more shocked to learn that his secret power is the key to saving the world from being destroyed by an evil demon hoard.

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Changelings is an absolute must for anyone who has ever dreamed of dragons. This is a fantastic book just the type of book I love reading. Can't wait for your new book to come out.

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Keep em comin, if your new book is anything like Dragons and Demons, put me down for a copy. Corry Spawndance By steve Hooton Aug I heard of this book through an online forum and being an avid fantasy reader I decided to give it a go. I am so glad that I did as there is one word to describe this book.

From the very first page you are transported into the changelings world and you actually care what happens to the characters. Even though the book is short I found that the main locations of the story were easy to visualise from James' descriptions and after having seen a few pics from the illustrated version, they are exactly as I imagined them. All in all a great story full of interesting characters and locations and if book 2 is as good as this, which it is looking likely to be, then we could have the next major fantasy series on our hands.

Keep up the excellent work James. By Phil Hatherley Apr "Book 1 Dragons and Demon" Excellent read, sucks the un-suspecting reader into a rich world of magic, drama, dragons and demons with little warning! : Books by YA Fantasy

As mentioned by other reviews below - perhaps a little short for my liking Good Luck James. By graham littlefield Mar "Changelings Book 1" the book surpassed all my expectations Graham, Hanworth By Cheryl Smith Mar "A man with a great future" The difference between a good book and a great book is that once you start to read a good book you have to keep reading till the end.

With a great book your mind only sees the first few words as by then although your eyes are following the words your mind can watch it like a film. With characters and situations clearly described and not over detailed it becomes easy to watch Jack as he first comes to terms with his ability to change into a dragon and to see the pain and hope on the faces of those he joins with in this gripping tale of good against evil. The book is short and to the point , which although it leaves us desperate for more is a great deal better than having it bulked out with countless sub plots that have nothing to do with the main story.

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