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I'll have a car, watch movies, see lots of friends, eat to my heart's content These are good things.

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And I'll be surrounded by tall buildings instead of massive cliff walls, fashion-conscious students instead of crooked-toothed scouts, city lights instead of stars. I think I need a hug.

Jon Yearsley is a senior postdoc in evolutionary genetics at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Zachary Lippman is a postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's faculty of agriculture.

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Amanda Goh is a postdoctoral fellow in cell biology under the Agency of Science, Technology and Research in Singapore. Latest news Blog Archive Career toolkit. News Article. Top Naturejobs.

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The old Cerasinops has survived numerous scuffles in his long life, and when the Troodons get too close, he is not afraid to remind them. Jordan Walker is a fine artist and illustrator currently living in western Oregon, and is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.

His life-long fascinations with natural history and ancient civilizations, as well as worlds of fantasy and science fiction have lead him to create work of his own that explores strange new worlds, as well as the one that we know. His work has been shown in national galleries, and many of his paintings are Each art print is listed by sheet size and features a minimum one-inch border.

Catholics Made Unwelcome in Orthodox Russia (2002)

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