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Aftercare An important aspect of aftercare is encouraging a clot to form at the extraction site. Risks Potential complications of tooth extraction include postoperative infection, temporary numbness from nerve irritation, jaw fracture, and jaw joint pain. Normal results The wound usually closes in about two weeks after a tooth extraction, but it takes three to six months for the bone and soft tissue to be restructured. Morbidity and mortality rates Mortality from tooth extraction is very rare.


Alternatives Alternatives to tooth extraction depend on the reason for the extraction. What will my mouth look like after surgery? Is the oral surgeon board certified in maxillofacial surgery? How many teeth extractions has the oral surgeon performed?

What is the oral surgeon's complication rate? Will I need medication after surgery? User Contributions: 1. How long after any extraction with dry socket, should there be pain. Joe G. I had one of my molars in the top left side of my mouth pulled this past Wednesday!

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Today is Friday! It still hurts if I don't take some Ibuprofen every hours.

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The worst part was the bleeding right after surgery! The Dentist neglected to tell me to moisten the gauze pad before replacing the old one. So Every time I would change the gauze it would pull out what little blood clot I had formed. So after about 6 hours, a lot of swallowed blood and a sore stomach I wasn't able to eat for the first day due to the nausea, excessive blood, and pain. It's a lot better now, but I hate how careful you have to be not to dislodge the clot. Are you allowed to drink an alcoholic beverage after you get a tooth extraction?

Its been about 4 days since. Would it be okay? Wayne Gower. Yes I had all of mt teeth pulled from two different dentist. The teeth the second pulled all have what i call bone spures or very sore spots. Well anyway one of the sockets hurt so bad that i cannot put any pressure on it without it hurting exscrufilly. It has been four months now since I got my dentures and five months saince the teeth were pulled and I cannot where my dentures because the pain is so bad at that extraction site.

I need to know what to do about it,I no longer have the money to see the dentist. My upper left tooth was pulled on Wednesday of last week and today is Tuesday of the next week. I cannot feel or see a blood clot, so is that neccessary to see or feel a clot or can I have one deeper I cannot see. I have pain in my lower left teeth area and no tooth pulled there. I take two extra strength tylenol for pain there. The upper extracted area is still swollen on my cheek a bit but not much Please I need an opinion.

Hello I was wondering I feel a pain from wisdom teeth and Its been already 3 days, How long will this pain be and how much longer is it gonna be until my pain is gone?? I stopped bleeding the next day, however I am not sure if I dislodged the blood clot, my wife says that she sees the bone and for some reason my breath is horrible, but I dont feel any real pain. If I have dry socket, will it set in later? Ranjit Mehta. My dentist keeps telling me it takes time and I have not heard anyone with any type of extraction well done having pain for so many days.

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My 4 yr old unfortunately has to have his two front teeth extracted. Hopefully based on what I have read, and the info the dentist provides me my childs mouth will heal quickly and in good order. My biggest fear is the migration of nearby teeth into the spaces. His appointment is tomorrow.

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Thanks for all the info. I have a question and any answer is greatly appreciated. One thing is that I am 32 years old with gum disease and my mouth is so small that my wisdom teeth were overlapping the last tooth in my quadrants on the right bottom, right top, left bottom, and left top. I learned that your never to old to get your wisdom teeth in. Yesterday, I went and got a tooth extracted for emergency because of being in excruciating pain.

My questions are the following: What are the symptoms after having a tooth extraction? Has anybody ever had a fever after getting a tooth extracted? How can you tell if you have a blood clot? I am brand new at this and any information is greatly appreciated. Hi I had two teeth extracted last monday today is Thursday and apart from taking prescribed painkillers every so often, I am still in pain, how do I know if the gum or socket is affected or not.

I had an upper molar extracted and was keeping tea bags on the spot for a day, the next week i sneezed and most of the blood clot came out but everything was healed fine and 3 months later it is almost fully healed, i was prescribed vicodin for the pain but i never had any pain i just took alot of ibuprofen for the swelling and the slight fever i had.

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  7. Dentist wont be back in for another 2 days. I had a tooth extracted last week from the back, rather a large tooth. The gum has healed superbly but i am left with what can only be described as shrapnal in the gum, this is so painful but i am told it is left over tooth from the extraction which will fall away over a time. If i touch it i can feel it almost like a splinter where the end stands up, but the skin is forming over. Anyone had this problem? Just had a double lower right extraction two days ago. Looks like there is a clot in place.

    It has been 48hours and there is NO steady ooze of any liquid, but little tiny bit of blood when I changed the bandage first thing this AM. Thanks for any info. Sutures fell out after tooth extraction. My husband had a tooth removed molar 3 days ago, he felt a long string after a day and the stitches have now come out completely. It is the weekend of course, Saturday, and the dental office is closed. Does he need to be concerned about this? Good day. I just got 2 of my lower wisdom teeth operated 2 weeks ago and now the thread was removed.

    And now im in so much pain because of that my gums hurt somewhere in the lower right canine part it has been 2 days that it hurts so much. Is the tooth extraction was the cause of gum pain?? Someone told me that it is normal after tooth extraction. Please help and email me at jhenpagay gmail. Im just 13 and i cant take the pain anymore. Charlie B. I had a tooth pulled 2 days ago and am suffering with really bad jaw ache! Is it normal to still hurt this much and for breath to smell like a compost heap? I also drank quite a bit of alcohol last night, have I done an damage?