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Brothers Choice

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Blood Brothers

Your Price :. Out of stock. Some news outlets claim they have evidence of bribe-taking and corruption by Mr. McReary, claims he strongly denied until his death. In an unrelated incident his brother, Gerald McReary , a convicted felon, was recently arrested again on racketeering charges.

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Before he had left the country, he had been registered as an informant with the LCPD and investigators are taking this as a likely motive of the murder. In unrelated news, a third brother, Gerald McReary, was recently arrested on racketeering charges. Some were shocked that a member of the LCPD would be the victim of a gangland execution, but not those that knew what he was really like.

McReary's own brother, a known associate of the Alderney mob, was recently arrested on racketeering charges. This news organization was approached by two independent sources wishing to expose photographic evidence of Francis McReary's taking bribes.


Soon after they made contact, however, both men were mysteriously murdered. One of these men was lawyer Tom Goldberg. In the weeks leading up to his death, this website had been attempting to get a comment from McReary on all of these accusations. He did not respond to our requests. Now, it seems, he will take the secrets of his corrupt reign of terror to his grave.

Some were shocked that a brother of a senior member of the LCPD would be the victim of a gangland execution, but not those that knew what the McReary family is really like. Derrick McReary, 52, had recently returned to the US from Ireland and was himself caught up in organized crime.

Some believe he may have been trying to blackmail the Deputy Commissioner who himself saw his brother as a liability. Another brother, Gerald McReary, a known associate with the Alderney mob, was recently arrested on racketeering charges. Soon after they made contact, however,both men were mysteriously murdered. Sources within the LCPD have alleged that McReary was willing to take justice into his own hands in order to get his department's case clearance level up. In the weeks leading up to this brother's death, this website had been attempting to get a comment from McReary on all of these accusations.

He has so far not responded to our requests. To most of us he is a hero, a man dedicated to serving the city who was taken before his time.

Liberal "Blame America First" news outlets have been sullying the man's reputation. Rather than celebrate this patriot's great career, they dig up some unsubstantiated accusations of corruption. Francis McReary valiantly served Liberty City until he was murdered. We should remember him as an American Hero.

His brother Derrick was assassinated by a sniper while the two men enjoyed a catch up in a city park. Francis McReary has risen through the ranks of the police force and been a vocal proponent of law and order throughout difficult times for the city. He has strongly denied spurious allegations made against him. McReary has never tried to hide his tough Dukes upbringing, nor a family background with links to organized crime, he himself has always stood tall as a community leader and we mourn with him in this time of sorrow.

If Francis is killed "A policeman is dead and the city mourns. Although there were rumors of corruption surrounding Mr. Mcreary, many believed he was a fine officer who served the city well through difficult times. In an unrelated incident, Mr. McReary's brother Gerald McReary has been arrested on an outstanding warrant. Eric House : "McReary's older brother Derrick was shot in front of him and his younger brother Gerald has been arrested in Alderney on racketeering charges.

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As if that wasn't enough, Public Liberty Online, a liberal opinion website is throwing corruption allegations at him. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Spoiler Warning: Plot details, ending details, or both are in the text which follows. Question is, which one of us is gonna be wandering the Earth with a mark on his head and which one's gonna be six feet under Contents [ show ].

Derrick contacts Niko on the meeting, asking to have Francis killed instead.