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All winter, the image reminded me of swimming out to a floating dock, never all that far from shore and but still an island landing. You pull yourself up, dripping, and take in a new vista.

You have lived a lifetime! You have so many stories they can fill a room. Come share your stories.

When it finally opened in , there were complaints of motion sickness on the top floors. Those problems were resolved long ago, although the building is still responsible for the terrible wind tunnel down on Clarendon Street, where I once saw a gust lift a toddler off her feet.

But now I see the former Hancock Tower as a stunning canvas, shimmering blue or grey in answer to the seasonal sky, waiting for a new image to materialize. It seemed to me that the man on the raft never got the respect he deserved. Anita Diamant Twitter Cognoscenti contributor A Boston-based journalist and author, Anita Diamant has written 12 books, including the bestselling novel, "The Red Tent," which has been published in 25 countries and 20 languages.


The Caesar. 50 Years. 50 Stories: Celebrating a half-century of Canada's National Cocktail

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  • You have lived a lifetime! You have so many stories they can fill a room. Come share your stories.

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    • Are you 50 and still waiting? For most of us, if we were heard in our past, it was within limits. More often than not, our generation of women let men do the talking.

      We worked hard behind the scenes, and consciously or Constructing a present and future through stories GROWing through Stories.