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LOL I don't know why! Yeah, Kristina, you might not want to watch. It was pretty bad. They whooped up on Brennan big time. Last time I check he'd been sacked 8 times and it wasn't even the 4th quarter yet. I didn't watch that game! USC won, so of course I'm mad about that. And Michigan won, I was happy about that, with their coach leaving and all. I'm also real;y tired about hearing about Tim Tebow. Well I'm off to bundle up and buy a new toaster. After months of it shooting toast 2 feet in the air, it finally decided not to even turn on. Oh well, its old. Have a great day!

However, I am with you on Caribbean, Tori. I have heard Ca-rib-e-in and Care-a-be-in almost interchangeably my whole life. In fact, I alternate back and forth. I need to ask my mom which is supposed to be correct! That's also a good question. If it is Are-can-saw, why isn't Kansas pronounced Can-saw? There's a comedian who does a routine on this sort of thing.

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I think it's George Carlin. He says stuff like: if "sour" is pronounced sow-er, why isn't "your" pronounced yow-er? He goes on for about 15 minutes with stuff like that.

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It's hysterical. I'm also tired of hearing about Tim Tebow! I was just happy that my alma mater, Florida Atlantic University, won their bowl game! They became the youngest team ever to win a bowl game.

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This is only their seventh year with a football team. It was very cool. Makes me want to go back to college so I can join in the fun! Did you get off earlier than we did? Our last day was the 21st. Or maybe you get out earlier in the summer? It's a good thing I have until Monday because I need a few more days to recover from the pneumonia before going back and getting exposed to the kids' germs again! First day wasn't bad though!

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My kids were sleepy, but very cute. It was good to see them, in fact, and hear about what they did over the break. And guess what guys, quite a few of them got Wiis and are hooked! And sore, too, just like you, PatPat! Keep resting up! My recorder stopped recording. It was really sad I think he flies back today.

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School doesn't start here until January 14th. I might not go into my placement until the 16th though- my brother is coming back from South Korea and is out-processing aka signing papers to get out of the military here at Hickam AFB. Works out perfectly, because I can see him! He'll be arriving on the 10th, and I'm not entirely sure when he'll be leaving I pronounce Arkansas 'Are-can-saw' too. I am now sweating over baking Olivia's birthday cake for the 12th January. She has seen a picture in a book of one made into a trampoline, complete with trampolining sp!

I hope you had a wonderful day. New Year was a quiet one for us. It doesn't bother me at all. We just stayed in with a bottle of wine. Wouldn't be able to get a babysitter for love nor money even if we did want to go out Congrats on getting a Wii Mike. Hubby loves the target practice game you get with Wii Play. His score is so far Thanks, journeymom!

Sirius, I'll bite! What's a "part-time vegetarian"? I thought you either were or you weren't.

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I do go meatless as in no meat, no fish, no poultry a couple of days most weeks, but I could never be a true vegetarian, since I do eat dairy foods. I've always pronounced it ARE-kin-saw The middle syllable is the schwa? Journeymom, the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma probably isn't as good as it could be, although there are elements of it that I like better than the GP version. Kate actually looks more like the image of Emma I get when reading the book as I am currently doing.

I think Ray Coulthard is a respectable Frank Churchill, too. Alas, Mark Strong's Mr.

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Knightley is much too crabby! LOL I'll be interested to hear your comparisons.

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A few weeks ago, someone mentioned Buckeye cough syrup, and yesterday I found some at Save-Mart! Funny, I've never noticed it before. I almost bought some, but I need to ask my doc first. Well, I had to write on a check today.