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Falsches Futter : Gedichte by Marcel Beyer Book 20 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Das Menschenfleisch : Roman by Marcel Beyer Book 18 editions published between and in German and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Seinen Briefkasten fand Marcel Beyer nicht mehr, begab sich aber auf literarische Spurensuche. Vergesst mich by Marcel Beyer Book 7 editions published in in German and Undetermined and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Im Bunker: Das Titelmotiv des Buches. Nonfiction by Marcel Beyer Book 3 editions published in in German and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Gesammelte Gedichte by Thomas Kling Book 4 editions published in in German and held by 84 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Audience Level. Related Identities. Somehow I don't think the thread participants would appreciate it if we attempt a deep-dive on Sino-Japanese relations starting with the Marco-Polo-Bridge Incident In any case, potatoes are not considered anything in Japanese cuisine and in fact not really in Chinese cuisine either.

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I am aware of that. But where they occur as a foreign ingredient, they must be classified as something. And my information is that in a Chinese context, that classification is "vegetable". Re Not sure what 6th edit you cold be referring to, my new strtagey is to shoot for zero edits, mistakes be damned. No time for fixes aynhow, need to go for a walk now. At least when using written numbers, it is dreimal and not drei mal in this context.

But , one could argue that connecting digits and words without a space looks weird, and therefore 3 mal instead of 3mal might be accepted, too. Duden doesn't say anything about this.

As far as fasting goes, what exactly did you want to say when you wrote I was thinking of possible correcturitos but realised I wasn't sure what exactly you wanted to say Two completely different things. I think what you mean is "Intervallfasten". There are indeed different versions like, 5 days eating normally, 2 days not at all etc. As a matter of fact, inspired by a friend who lost lots of weight, I've adopted the hours-version: No food for 16 hours every day. That's then the period your body will dig into its reserves.

In my case for example: dinner around 7 p. And NO snacks, chips, chocolate, cheese etc in between. Nothing but water, tea, coffee without cream and suger. Otherwise I eat and drink normally. In theory, you're allowed one cheat day per week, which I don't use either. In fact, I started at the beginning of this year, and I've lost 7 kg since then, without much suffering or mood swings.

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  8. One of my two New-Year's resolutions: Get below 90 kg this year starting at I'm well on the way at 93 this morning and counting , and I haven't been that The other New Year's resolution you already know about: be a street musician. Sometimes, yes. I need to walk every day to stay healthy. San Jose is a very safe city compared to just about any other city in the US, even much smaller ones. For a while we even held based on FBI crime stats the title of safest large city in America. Alas, that is no longer the case after we had to cut our police force to the bone. But even my wife sometimes takes a walk by herself after dark.

    As I was walking tonight, a passing cop car lit up its massive search lights to see who is out and about at this time of day.

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    Apparently I looked harmless enough as the cop didn't stop. The simplest one of all: An elderly guy sitting on a three-legged camping stool with a western guitar playing and singing cover versions of singer-songwriter songs Dylan, Cohen, a little bit of Knopfler, Waits, Mey and a few less known ones. With a travel vulture at his feet, probably holding a sign asking for a small contribution to a business class upgrade for his next Hawaii trip.

    I have put on weight since the end of January, funnily enough I was slimmer at Christmas. That's due to the fact that because of the weather I have cut back on sports and walking, but not on shortbread I'll have to be more careful now that the sun is out more. Wouldn't it be funny if we met? Dear snails, I'm still here and reading along with interest and pleasure The fact that the most exciting thing to happen to me in the last week was the number 15 bus from Tower Hill to St Paul's a genuine routemaster from the good old days, on a perfectly regular service will tell you a how exciting my life is at present, and b that I did not go on the anti-Brexit march.

    I was tourist guiding our French exchange student around other bits of London. And I would write 'einmal, zweimal, keinmal', but '1-mal, 2-mal' etc. Is that not supported by the Duden, then? Not enjoying, gloating or anything unfriendly. It was all arranged by the schools I think they have used this format for many years - first the French group came here for some days, and now our group has gone to France for a few days. Son2 should be back tomorrow all the more reason to be pleased that Brexit has been postponed. But while our visitor chatted to his family on the phone every evening, my precious offspring sends occasional messages along the lines of 'je ne suis pas mort' The nice soft mossy patch we would like to have a lawn, but are not very good at it on which they take turns sunbathing has been noticeably flattened over the last few days!

    And thank you for reminding me to congratulate Jesse on losing weight! Well done - and I'm even more impressed that you manage to eat no food for 16 hours. While I have managed to lose weight in the past using the 'a little less of everything' method, I don't think I would be able to function with such long breaks. I hope you are doing well. I took myself a break for a while again, since the last weeks were stressful for a bunch of reasons.

    The main reason, however, was that school is almost over for me NRW and that my final exams as well as deadlines for certain applications basically studentships are coming closer. I btw will not visit my host family near Chicago this year, because, unfortunately, both of my hostsisters will be studying far away from home when I would have been able to come.

    And without them, it wouldn't be as much fun. Besides I don't want to cause their mother stress since there wouldn't be much to do on one's own and she has to work. We'll try to find a possibilty for a visit next year. Today I woke up with my cell and my clock showing me different times. That's when realized that this morning brought us summertime ;-. I looked for something to correct and found nothing.

    As for requests, the problem will be that my repertoire is limited, there are about songs I feel comfortable playing without fear of forgetting the chords or lyrics halfway through. And Barry Manilow as well as ABBA are out of the question, the former because I don't like him, the latter because, whatever you think of their music, they are really excellent musicians and singers, and I better not compete with them.

    Jabonah : There are different methods for different people. For me, the 16 hours are ok. Others prefer two days every week.

    “Nichts als der Tod und die Satire”

    If you google for "Intervallfasten", you'll find quite a few different approaches. As a matter of fact, I got the tip from a former colleague of mine who - supported by a recent photo - confirmed that doing it the same way as me, he went from to 74 kg! I've cut down on those anyway, but the occasional ice cream or plate of spaghetti are mandatory for my emotional wellbeing. Jesse, the ultimative slogan for the sign to be held by your Reisegeyer is "Der Pleitegeier sitzt im Portemonnaie"!

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    Best I know, not all sugars are created the same. Fructose is the worst in many aspects, so stay away from fruit juices and anything with high-fructose corn syrup "Glukose-Fruktose-Sirup" in German, I think. Yesterday, I attended a singing workshop organized by Trimum. Muslim, Christian and Jewish musicians and theologicians met years ago in order to explore how believers of all three religions could meet through making music together, mainly singing, but also instrumental.

    Werke von Prof. Sigm. Freud

    A concept evolved in which music from those three traditions is shared and sung together. Singing together creates an atmosphere of friendliness, curiosity, marveling at strange forms of melodies and singing, and mutual respect. We sang some of the songs that were shared, i. We listened to more songs shared by participants and the musicians in the leading team, e. It was fun, partially quite strange, and also quite touching.

    Guide Naivität der Ich-Erzählerin als Erzählperspektive / Erzählhaltung (German Edition)

    Der Gesang-Workshop klingt sehr intessant mit verschiedenen Religionen und sehr unterschiedlichen Arten Musik. Wie viele waren daran beteiligt? Sind viele Beteiligten von weit hergekommen oder wohnen die meisten da in deinem Ort? Oder wurde alles allein und im Voraus von Trimium angeordnet?